Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Stiletto Bomb - Won't Let Go

(photo : Michael Spencer Photography)

  One of my favourite eps of 2015 was Stiletto Bomb's debut, In The Dark. Featuring J Prozac I liked them every bit as much as his long running band The Prozacs. Unfortunately though, whilst The Prozacs released the excellent Exist album earlier this year (https://theprozacs.bandcamp.com/), from conversations with Jay I knew that he was finding it difficult to keep Stiletto Bomb a going concern. It looks very much as though the band will shortly be no more but I was very happy when he sent me a new ep by them which will be their triumphant farewell. The ep due for release early next year (February?) on Pop-A-Pill Records.

   Stiletto Bomb on this release are Jay on guitar and sharing vocal duties with his wife Andrea (Andy Nihilate) and being ably backed by Scotty Blood (bass/backing vocals), Jeff Blood (lead guitar) and the ever dependable Matty Prozac stepping in on drums. It features 6 new tracks and it's great. Which left me rueing the fact that it'd miss out on the Just Some Punk Songs two part Best Of 2017 shows. Luckily, my favourite song from the ep was one Jay wrote a couple of years ago and he was cool enough to release it early as a single.

  The song is in honour, respect and admiration of Dan Vapid who is one of Jay's biggest musical inspirations. The cover features a cool collage of Dan's music and the song is a fitting tribute. It's available name your price here :   https://stilettobomb.bandcamp.com/album/wont-let-go

    This is Won't Let Go.....

Monday, 11 December 2017

P.M.S. - Cocaine Cunt

  Pic by If Leouf 

  P.M.S. are a feminist hardcore punk band from Paris who formed in October 2014 and feature members of Mary Bell and Outreau (the former band appeared on here back in January). The line up is Fredo Mendes Semedo (drums), Isa Vareille (bass), Evelynne Brown (vocals) and Victoria Arfi (guitar).

  They released a demo in 2016 and next month will see them unleash their first ep (on Danger Records). You can check out a track from it and snap up the "name your price" demo here : https://pmsxmusic.bandcamp.com/ 

  The shared song from the new ep is a sub 1 minute kick in the balls called Cocaine Cunt.....

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Booji Boys - Sister

  One of the best labels of 2017 has been Drunken Sailor Records. Possibly the most eagerly awaited release still to come this year, amongst the listeners of the Just Some Punk Songs show, is the new album by The Booji Boys. Today's update features both and throws in a superb "name your price" 21 track compilation as well.

  From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Booji Boys previously featured on here at the start of the year with a song from their self titled album (http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/booji-boys-dream-of-booji.html) and have since released the Sweet Boy ep (which includes their take on an Undertones classic) and a cover of Gang Green's Sold Out. You can check out all their released material here : https://boojiboysfuneral.bandcamp.com/

  Drunken Sailor have put out releases by many bands that have appeared on here including TV Crime, Downtown Boys, First Base, Liquids, Cheap Whine etc. They've collected together a track from each of their 2017 releases and made them available name your price here :   https://drunkensailorrecords.bandcamp.com/album/2017-sampler

  Go snap it up now, it's essential listening.

    The new Booji Boys album is called Weekend Rocker and it'll be out in time for Christmas. From the comments I've heard it's going to be a classic. There was a very limited (17 copies!) vinyl version available to the public in October but the rest of us will have to wait a while longer to hear it. There is however a video for one of the songs, this is Sister.....

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Interview With Steve Higgins (Kill The Colossi/Crash Landings/Decatonics, ex-Gonads)

  An interview today with South Coast Steve..... Steve Higgins.

  Steve's been in a number of bands over the years and is currently drummer for 3 very decent Uk acts. We recently chatted about those bands, his thoughts on influential oi legend Gary Bushell and his thoughts on political infighting and the state of the current scene.

Just Some Punk Songs :  How old were you when you discovered punk and who were the first bands you loved?

Steve Higgins : I was probably 14 or 15 and remember having Never Mind The Bollocks on cassette by the Sex Pistols and Black and White on cassette by Stranglers. I liked the anti establishment stance most of the bands took towards what was happening in the mainstream
I also got into the Clash, Siouxsie And The Banshees and the John Foxx era of Ultravox!

JSPS : Was there much of a local punk scene or any good local bands?

SH : Not at first as I grew up in Bury st Edmunds, Suffolk.
A few local bands I remember were the Wynd-ups, they became 13th Chime and supported Theatre of Hate in Cambridge. As I remember Criminal Tendencies who later became Condemned 84 had a couple of guys I knew from Bury St Edmunds too. I know that those latter bands have issues.

JSPS : From what I can make out, your first band was Cries Of Tammuz in 1992. Following this was a bunch of bands I'm not familiar with such as The Heroines, Ordeal X, Monument, The Outcast Band and The Unit. What led you to join your first band, were they a punk band and are any of those early bands ones people should track down?

SH : Ok so Cries Of Tammuz was the first band I recorded with in 1993 they were a Gothic alternative Rock band likened to Fields Of The Nephilim
Some people may like some of it, it’s dark and atmospheric In truth I gravitated more towards the Goth Dark Wave side of music in the early ‘80s into the mid ‘00s so the likes of Killing Joke, Banshees, The Cure & Joy Division I had more in common with.
(Steve has a Facebook group called The Church Of Killing Joke : https://www.facebook.com/groups/303605232996/about/)

I guess I reestablished my true punk roots when I moved to the south coast in 2010 when I saw an ad to join The Gonads and the inspiration for the church of Oi came out of that to help me re-connect and find out about the newer bands in the scene we know today.

The Heroines were like Throwing Muses, Pixies, PJ Harvey. Ordeal X had more in common with Killing Joke and the Ruts. Monument was a splinter band of Faces Of Sarah. The Outcast Band are likened to The Waterboys, New Model Army & The Levellers. The Unit are 3 piece punk band which is/was Harv Harks solo project who now plays in Menace and is also in Missile.

The Gonads - Warriors

JSPS : Did joining The Gonads feel like a step up? Where they still drawing in decent crowds this many years on from their heyday and Gary Bushell seems to be a bit of a devisive figure amongst some people. What's he really like?

SH :  Joining The Gonads was a bit of both if I’m honest on the one hand it got me back into playing and listening to punk old and new including Oi and Streetpunk.
My second gig was at the Garage in London supporting the Cockney Rejects in front of 500. On the other hand the Gonads are more of a joke band and I don’t really like that side although he has written a few socio political songs too.

Gonad’s headline gigs were generally only people that heard the early stuff. People recognised Garry more for his tv and journalistic work.

Before I’d met him I knew about his past and my thought was Garry Bushell that wanker. But then as I got to know him a bit better I realised that he was one those people that was constantly kicking against the pricks, although I would say that he could have said more to unite the scene rather than divide.
But in the end I guess when you're young you tend to be blinkered in your opinions then as you get older and wiser your mind expands and opens up more to what’s going on.
I’ve met people through the years at gigs whose opinions and ideologies that they had when young have since changed to be less ignorant and more tolerant.

Like you hinted at earlier people either love or hate Garry Bushell.

The Decatonics - Standards

JSPS : You left The Gonads in 2013 and are now drummer with The Decatonics, Kill The Colossi and most recently The Crash Landings (all great bands that have previously featured on here). Is it hard finding the time to commit to all 3 bands? What does the future hold for them (I think Kill The Colossi in particular have a sound that should see them appeal to young punk fans and with the right material could be one of the biggest home grown punk bands around)

SH :  It’s a case of prioritising which band has gigs etc that specific week so you focus on that.
As regards KtC we have our debut album all recorded, it just needs mixing. Also on Wednesday this week we did a rehearsal as a 3 piece which seemed to go better than expected.

JSPS : Crash Landings' All Guts No Glory was one of my favourite albums of 2016 but they were pretty quiet this year. Anything on the horizon for them?

SH : TCL have a lot of new songs that are being worked on as we speak hopefully there will be an album or ep mid 2018.

JSPS : The oi scene has always been pretty splintered but it seems to me that where it was once left wing against right, nowadays more and more bands that aren't political are getting dragged in and targeted by the more extreme elements just because they refuse to get involved in the political side of things. Have you experienced any of this in the bands you've been in? I'm sure you know of plenty of non political bands that have. Do you think it's something that's getting worse?

SH : That’s a toughie!
I think the bands want people to like them and be entertained by them whilst trying to stand in the middle. I haven’t experienced this in the bands I’ve played in yet.

Kill The Colossi - For Honour

JSPS :  You started Facebook group The Church Of Oi. Their description is "Oi/Streetpunk is a Religion open to one and All Regardless of Race Colour Creed or Subculture. Music Unites All" It's a group that promotes oi music but won't tolerate extremism or politics. To me it seems a safe haven away from scene bullshit where fans can get together and just enjoy the music. There's also an increasing number of great oi bands getting invited to play the Rebellion Festival. Would you agree the oi scene is as healthy now as it's been since the mid 80's? And which new bands do you recommend to anyone who might be looking to explore the scene?

SH :  Yes I believe that punk Oi Streetpunk alternative music has no colour or creed, as you can see what has happened with particularly the Skinhead culture worldwide like the Far East etc and South America.
The scene is in a good place right now but there will always be someone somewhere that wants to stir up negativity.
Regarding the 80s I was someone who was more on the anarcho punk side of things with the likes of Crass, Exploited, Discharge etc.
New bands I like are the more melodic progressive ones like
Arch Rivals
Booze n Glory
Boots n All
Out of Order
City Saints

The Mistakes
Grade 2
Dare I say Crash Landings
Resistance 77
I could mention KtC 😜

Make sure you check out Never Be Quiet Records too.

Being in a covers band can be fun but at the same time it can make you complacent I always have a need to be playing, recording and writing new otherwise I’d get bored.
As Drummer musician and yourself as a DJ you may be seen as liking one specific style of music but because we are enthusiastic about music it doesn’t make any difference as to what style it conforms too as long as you like it.


JSPS :  Thanks Steve, it sounds as though you'll be having a busy and productive 2018 and I look forward to hearing the new stuff...

Kill The Colossi - Fuck The Taxman

Friday, 8 December 2017

Fatskins - Only Came Here To Fight (Reviewed By Jason Long from Smash The Discos Webzine)


  This week's guest review is courtesy of Jason Long who is the man behind the excellent Smash The Discos webzine. He's looking to make the zine bigger and better and has enlisted the services of a few extra contributors, including myself so hopefully you'll be seeing some of my stuff in there soon. If you're a fan of punk, oi and hardcore feel free to bookmark it......  https://smashthediscos.wordpress.com/

  Jason's chosen a song by Phoenix, Arizona oi band Fatskins. They formed in 1996 and feature a line up of Mike (vocals), Wynn (guitar), Tom (bass), Kris (rhythm guitar) and Wayne (drums). You can get more info on them here :  https://www.facebook.com/Fatskins/

  Their Viva! ep is on Bandcamp : https://fatskinsphx.bandcamp.com/

  Over to Jason..... 

Whenever anyone asks me about The Fatskins, the first song I point them to is Only Came Here To Fight, off of their 2015 release, Viva!

The Fatskins are the first, and top, name in American Skinhead Rock n Roll. Mike Oxley has a no nonsense, "spit it the fuck out and say what you mean" approach to writing lyrics, with a charged vocal presence to boot. That ability truly shines in "Only Came Here To Fight". I truly love this song because of where the journey takes you. The opening of the song sets the mood for anyone who can relate to the night of the hunt, when you're in that dark mood and shit's about to get seriously real. This is followed up with one of the most catchiest choruses you could ever ask for. One part I always wait for is the pick slide before the last chorus. It's amazing how something so simple can pump you up so heavily, prepairing you for whatever obstacles you're about to face that day. Even if you're not in some sort of fucked up mood, like I am in most of the time, Only Came Here To Fight is a rocked out tune that deserves it's place near the top of your playlist. For me, personally, it reminds me that a punch in the face is never the final blow, but rather much needed therapy that puts shit into perspective, haha.

Take it from someone who obsessively murders tracks to death. I've been listening to it daily for over a year now and haven't tired of it yet. Enjoi...

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Knock Off - This Ain't No Love Song


  I played today's song on the Just Some Punk Songs show a few months ago when it was first released and thought I'd give the album a proper listen and post something from it on here. The album was Like A Kick In The Head by London band Knock Off and I was very impressed with it. 14 tracks of quality UK street punk, pretty much any of which would have a case for going on here. But for some reason it was missed out.

  Fast forward to November and the band posted a lyric video for the song that was my initial favourite from the album. It was added to the "to do" list for the blog but kept getting pushed back as new releases got in the way. But today, enough waiting, enough waffle, you're getting a belter of a song from a cracking home grown trio.

  Despite only forming as recently as 2013, Knock Off have already released 3 great albums. Like the bands that have influenced them (The Partisans, The Business, GBH, UK Subs etc) they write songs that are gritty and hard hitting but which are also catchy as hell.  Having caught them at Rebellion earlier this year I can also confirm that they're bloody good live too. You can check them out here :  https://knockoff.bandcamp.com/

  Well worth the wait, this is This Ain't No Love Song....


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

!Mess! - Keep Running

  !Mess! are a street punk rock and roll band from Kapfenberg in Austria who've been together since 2016 and feature Bernd (vocals/guitar), Joe Diepold (guitat/vocals), Face (bass/vocals) and Schwini (drums/vocals). Most reviews of them seem to throw up comparisons with US Bombs so I'll not buck that trend. They write "snotty yet melodic" streetpunk, no politics. As they say, they do care, they just don't cry about it.

  A few months ago they released their debut album, Tales From The Heart. It's available through Wanda Records and you can check it out here :  https://messpunkrock.bandcamp.com/album/tales-from-the-heart

    This is Keep Running......