Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Greg Ripoff (Supercharger, Rip Offs etc..)

  I'm really excited today to share with you a Top 10 selected by Greg Ripoff (aka Greg Lowery). Greg's been one of the most influential figures in the punk world for many years both as owner of Rip Off Records and as a member of numerous great bands such as Supercharger, The Rip Offs, The Infections, Zodiac Killers and his new band Control Freaks.

  If you haven't yet heard Control Freaks you can check out their Mindless Entertainment album here : 

  They'll also be playing alongside Johnny Throttle in London on 6th October and you can get details here :

  If you're a fan of Rip Off Records or garage punk you may be interested in a Just Some Punk Songs special show which will go out on Sunday 27th August at 8pm UK time. Several of Greg's bands will feature and you'll be able to listen here :
  Any similarities with the ad for the show and a classic album cover are purely coincidental (honest!).

  Anyway, back to the important stuff. A big thanks to Greg for selecting a great Top 10, I'll hand you over to him.....

10)  GIZMOS - Bible Belt Baby

a great song about Midwest life…one of the greatest bands the Midwest ever unleashed, this is one of my favorites the world must hear!

 9)  MODERNETTES - Barbara

fun from Vancouver, If you ain’t dancing to this you got serious issues!

 8)  BABEEZ - Do Wanna Love

From Australia the incredible Babeez, with a monster punk so incredible.
70’s Aussie punk is some of the greatest…This is a great example..

 7)  SUBURBAN LAWNS - Janitor

I usually hate art bands especially from LA, but something about this crazy song is catchy and weird at the sametime.. Oh my Janitor, Oh my genitals…GENIUS!

 6)  THE VALVES - For Adolfs Only

The Valves from Scotland…great great great crazy catchy fun…

 5)  THE STUKAS - Klean Living Kids

once again just so fun and catchy…how can you hate this?

 4)  THE CHEIFS - Blues

From LA and I proudly own this rare 7”, listen for yourself…speaks for itself..

 3)  THE NOTSENSIBLES - The Telephone Rings Again

The Notsensibles from England…My old band The Zodiac Killers covered this song, great band with a crazy sense of humor…catchy silly fun, the way it is supposed to be..

 2)  THE AUTOMATICS -  Moth Ino The Flame

God I love this song, I wish I wrote it!

 1)  LURKERS - Shadow

cream of the crop here.. my old band the Rip Offs covered this because it smokes!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Heterofobia - Sudor


  Heterofobia are a post punk 4 piece from Monterrey in Mexico who's line up features Samara (bass), Dani (vocals), Alex (drums) and Pika (guitar). They released their debut ep, Maquetas, in October of last year and followed it up a couple of months ago with debut cassette album Eres Tan Guapo (google translate informs me it means You're So Handsome). You can find both releases "name your price" on Bandcamp...

  If darkly gothic post punk is your music of choice then you need to check them out. This song translates as Sweat and it's about those times when you're in bed, partway between sleeping and wakefulness and you're worrying about those noises and shadows, about that presence in the room that might be a dream or could be real. It's called Sudor.....

una sensación extraña, estoy sudando en mi cama 
¿voy despierto o voy dormido? Estoy temblando en mi cama 
se oyen ruidos en el techo, veo sombras todo el tiempo 
me persiguen por el cuarto, mueven cosas, rompen cosas 

no te veo, no te siento 
estoy temblando, estoy sudando 
no te veo, no te siento 
estoy temblando 

una sensación extraña, estoy sudando en mi cama 
¿voy despierto o voy dormido? Estoy temblando en mi cama 
se oyen ruidos en el techo, veo sombras todo el tiempo 
me persiguen por el cuarto, mueven cosas, rompen cosas 

no te veo, no te siento 
estoy temblando, estoy sudando 
no te veo, no te siento 
estoy sudando

Monday, 21 August 2017

Prom Nite - No Motivation

  Prom Nite are a female fronted discordant punk band from Toronto who formed in October 2015 and who recently released their debut album Dancing To This Beat on Barfbag Records. They'd previously released 4 tapes and you can find them all, plus the album, "name your price" on Bandcamp....

  Their sound reminds me of Judy And The Jerks ( Featuring Scott from VCR and Chloe from Anti-Vibes, Dancing To This Beat is a collection of jerky diy tunes such as the one you'll find below.

  This is No Motivation....

Sunday, 20 August 2017

4 Past Midnight - Let's Go

  4 Past Midnight formed in 1989 and are based in Glasgow. Their line up features Fred Stevenson (rhythm guitar), Peter McCartney (lead vocals/occasional drums), Tam Bowman (lead guitar), Stevie Goldsack (bass) and Ruben Fernandez (drums). They list amongst their influences the likes of The Ramones, Conflict Oi Polloi, Cockney Rejects, UK Subs etc...

  Any band that have been around for almost 30 years will have numerous releases, you can check out some of 4 Past Midnight's (including new album Basttle Scars & Broken Hearts) over on Bandcamp :

  The new album is available from Hedgerow Records and features 15 tracks of anthemic punk rock covering subjects such as lying politicians, failed relationships, life on tour and falling into depression as your life turns to shit. It's all very impressive stuff.

  This is a rousing singalong called Let's Go.....

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Putz - When The World Ends


  So the new Lillingtons album, Stella Sapiente, is set for release on October 13th. Any fan of old school pop punk will be eagerly counting down the days. To some, it may seem a long way off yet but don't despair! There's a killer old school pop punk album already out (though if the reports of bumper sales are anything to go by, you probably already know).

  The Putz are the Indianapolis trio made up of Billy Putz (bass/lead vocals), Dougie Tangent (drums/backing vocals) and Patrick McVay (guitar/backing vocals) who've previously appeared on here a couple of times and who's releases include albums Hole In One & Knock It Off; eps Beach Bound & Cut The Shit and a split 7" with Horror Section, Eaten Back To Life and The Young Rochelles.

  Now they return with a brand new album, Clinically Inane. As you would expect from the band, it's catchy as hell, dumb and lots of fun. Produced (and featuring occasional guest appearances by) Queers frontman Joe Queer plus keyboards by Cassie Oh, it's one of this years best releases. You can check it out, along with their earlier stuff, here :

  Being a sucker for pop punk/sci fi crossovers, today's song is this tale of love amidst the destruction caused by an invasion by men from Mars. When The World Ends...

Friday, 18 August 2017

Tijuana Stranglers - Runaround Baby


  Tijuana Stranglers are a bunch of Rock n Roll scumbags from Corvina, California who's line up features Zalez (vocals), Justin Carroll (lead guitar), Scotty Farris (rhythm guitar), Mario Silva (bass) and Dave (drums).

  Earlier this year they released their debut 7" on No Front Teeth Records. It's 4 tracks of "energetic and snotty punk rock that blends The Dead Boys with The Stitches."

  This is the lead track, it's called Runaround Baby....

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Murdaball - Oi's Not Dead


  Yesterday's update featured a band occupying a position near the top of the punk rock tree, today you're getting one that is swiftly climbing the branches, ascending towards those lofty peaks. Murdaball are a 5 piece from Newcastle On Tyne who formed in 2012 and who mix elements of street punk, oi and a dash of hardcore to produce fast and loud music that's "not for the faint hearted."

  Veterans of various other bands down the years, they currently line up with Jimi (lead vocals), Dan (lead guitar), Wayne (rhythm guitar), Craig (bass) and Rob (drums). They're already very popular in their neck of the woods having supported pretty much every street punk and oi band that has passed through the North East and Scotland. Their recent crowded appearance at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool saw them sell all their merchandise in just 20 minutes. That popularity will only continue to grow with the release of their second album, A Northern Powerhouse. It's the first release on their own Oi! Toon Records label and if you want to grab a copy, message them on Facebook.

  If you want to check out debut album, Twisted, you can find it on Bandcamp...

  From A Northern Powerhouse, this is Oi's Not Dead.....