Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Dark/Light - In Our Dreams

  Dark/Light are from Portland, Oregon and have been together since 2013. The line up of the band is Candy Schramer (vocals), Justin Schramer (guitar/vocals), Mary Esquivel (drums) and Tarika Hanawalt (bass). They're often compared to The Wipers but other names thrown into the mix include The Avengers, 13th Floor Elevators, Pagens, Minutemen etc. Think garage rock, surf guitars and female vocals and you won't be too far off.

  They released their debut ep, Tigers, last year on Johnny Cat Records and you can find it on Bandcamp :

  Last month they returned with debut album, Kill Some Time. Featuring 8 tracks of mutant rock n roll it's available from Dirt Cult Records :

  This is the lead track, In Our Dreams....

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Patsy - Count it on Down

  Patsy are the New Orleans low-fi glitter punk band fronted by Candice from Mystic Inane who featured on here in 2015 with a song called Nazi's Are So Plain. That song has resurfaced, along with 6 others, on a new mini lp titled LA Women which is out now on yellow vinyl on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos :

  The digital version can be found on Bandcamp :

  Their previous releases, including the Tuley Tude High and Eat It singles can be found name your price here :

  This is the opening track from LA Women, it's called Count It On Down....

Monday, 16 October 2017

Bad Daddies - Not That Kind Of Girlfriend

  Loving this, it's one of  those scuzzed up pop songs that would be a hit in a more just world. It's by East Bay female fronted indie punkers Bad Daddies and is  taken from their Over 30 Singles compilation album which came out digitally this month on Emotional Response Records : . The physical version of the album is out mid November and can be ordered here :

  The band lines up with Camylle (vocals), Matt (guitar), Tricia (bass) and Thomas (drums). Most of their songs are short, sharp sonic blasts meaning that they can squeeze 30 tracks taken from their 6 years as a band onto the album. Earlier releases from them are here :

  There's also a new Bad Daddies track on the Evaluate What You Tolerate compilation Vol 2 album :

  From Over 30 Singles, this song is great, it's an infectiously catchy fuzzbomb that'll get you bouncing off the walls of your room. It's called Not That Kind Of Girlfriend....

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Ejected - Alien Abduction

  The Ejected were the Riot City Records band from Dagenham who's flame flickered for a couple of years or so during the early 80's before seemingly being snuffed out. They briefly returned in 1999 to record tracks for the Captain Oi! Best Of album before reforming properly in 2014. A single (Dead Man Walking) and album (Back From The Dead) followed, they even made it onto this very blog with this modern day classic :

  With the current oi scene being the strongest it's been for years, it's a good time for them to release a new album. Out earlier this month on Randale Records that album is titled Game Of Survival and it's definitely not a case of a band trading on former glories. You can get it here :

   The line up of The Ejected in 2017 still has original vocalist Jim Brooks and he's ably supported by Jonny Romain (guitar/vocals), Paul Berry (bass/vocals) and Toby Thacker (drums). New line up, same catchy and humerous sing alongs. There's also Jim Brooks' Ejected artwork, an example of which you'll see at the top of this page.

  I'll play the title track from Game Of Survival on Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( whilst today going with the first video from the album. This is Alien Abduction.....

Saturday, 14 October 2017

The Decatonics - Standards


  The Decatonics are a Dorset based ska/mod band who formed in 2012 and feature a line up of Sals (lead vocals), Tyrone (vocals/guitar), Rowan (bass), Steve R (keys), Steve H (drums), Mike (tenor sax), Pete (alto sax), Kent (trumpet), and Steve D (trombone). They're influenced by numerous ska, rocksteady, reggae and soul acts such as Prince Buster, Laurel Aitkin, Skatalites, The Specials, Selecter, Secret Affair, Etta James, Bob Marley etc.... Ex Gonads drummer Steve Higgins has previously featured on here as a member of Kill The Colossi (

  You can find more info on the band, including upcoming live dates, here :

  The song you'll find below is a Jam cover and it features on a charity compilation called Gifted which is a Jam tribute album set up by the Specialized Project : a worldwide music community that raises money for suffering teenagers and young adults that have difficult circumstances in their lives. You can find out more about the 70 track, 4 cd compilation here :

  This was originally on the 1977 album This Is The Modern World. As with all the best cover versions, The Decatonics have taken a great song and put their own unique spin on it, this is Standards....

Friday, 13 October 2017

Dadar - Get Away

  Lorenzo Belli is from Rovereto in Italy. He's played guitar in Left In Ruins and The Secret Tape and featured previously on here as a member of Shitty Life ( Today he returns with his new solo project Dadar.

  Dadar's first release was back in January and was a 3 track self titled demo ep. Now there's a new 7" ep called Sick Of Pasta which Spastic Fantastic Records call a bubblegum Killed By Death smasher combining elements of Devo, Jay Reatard and Frank Zappa. You can find the vinyl here :

  The download version is here :

  This is Get Away.....

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Onsind - Immature


  This blog started at the end of 2013 when I was still on holiday from work, Christmas was over and I was bored so decided to see if I could suss out how to make a blog to collect together a bunch of cool videos. Just so it didn't resemble Youtube too much I thought I'd better write a couple of lines saying what the songs were. I'm still doing it.

  The first song to feature was I'll Be Gone by The Oblivians and this was followed the next day by Radioactivity with Alright. Day 3, 1st Jan 2014, saw me post Dissatisfactions by Onsind  ( )  No one knew about the blog back then and even now, nearly 4 years later, only 20 people have viewed the page. Considerably more will view the song I'm posting by them today.

  There must be something about the north east accent that attracts me, Bear Trade's Silent Unspeakable will quite probably end up being my favourite album of 2017. No Ditching were a band I adored (I'm gutted they appear to be no more) and Martha are one of the UK's best bands. As they share members with Martha and No Ditching, it's no surprise that Onsind (One Night Stand In North Dakota) are pretty wonderful themselves.

  It's also no surprise that a band who's name is a reference to the lack of adequate abortion facilities in some areas of the USA write songs that are intelligent and hard hitting but they wrap these iron fisted missives in velvet gloves. The best protest songs are the ones that sucker you in with a catchy tune, letting the message slowly seep into your brain as you hum along. Onsind have been doing this for a decade now and you can find their music name your price here :

  With a line up of Nathan Stephens Griffin, Daniel Ellis, Naomi Griffin, Jason Cavalier and Claire Swift, they'll be releasing their new album, We Wilt, We Bloom, next month on Specialist Subject and Salinas Records. A tour will coincide and you can find details here :

  To whet your appetite, here's their new video for a song called Immature. You can also get it name your price on Bandcamp with all money donated going to Savage Collective ("The salvage collective aims to brings together women (cis, trans & intersex), trans & non-binary survivors & activists who experience gender oppression, violence and abuse in UK activist communities to nurture activist cultures of care, accountability & safety. 

We aim to provide a network to share experiences, resources, skills and build communities of belief, support and action."  )

My neighbour told me a story,
About a kid who bought a house aged twenty one,
I said "you're winding me up just for fun"
He said "it's true! By the way, your rent's due, son"
"But that seems so unfair"
He said "if you tried really hard you could get there,
But your generation's so immature,
you want it all on a plate,
you want it all on a plate,
you want it all..."

Do I sound like a teenager,
When I say that you've infantilised our rage,
When I say I want to put my self in danger,
Do I sound immature?

Yeah we're still living in our parents' basements,
Or renting foul accomadation from our baby boomer mates,
And god forbid you take a selfie or you're hated,
By a generation raised in a welfare state,
They say we're all so self-obsessed,
So lazy, so work-shy, and all the rest,
It's seems to me the one thing that unites my friends is that we all just wanna fucking die.

Do I sound like a teenager,
When I say that you've infantilised our rage,
When I say I want to put my self in danger,
Do I sound immature?